Making of.. Fair design.

Mum's rugs, wallhangings, bags, cushion covers. All handmade, but what's the difference?
World is filled with wonderful wallhangings and rugs, isn't it?

We make things that matter to people and environment. We push impact in design, connect respected designers and their work with MUM's artisans living in rural areas. Living in countries, where there is no financial support by the country's government.

Here in Europe, Scandinavia, we are quite lucky. We have a choice. Choice to choose a rug made the responsible way, respecting fair trade principles. We call it the ethical way. Or, we have a choice to buy a cheap good looking rug made.. Somewhere. Cheap.. Most often working conditions and person pehind the product is unknown,.

Greetings from MUM's workshops around the world.
We are about 40 skilled artisans and eople working to make you fair design luxury items.
For your home and heart.
Fair design with a difference.


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